Winther Mould Technologies is Now MGS!

Winther Mould Technologies A/S joined MGS in 2023, bringing 56 years of experience in design for manufacturability (DFM), mold design, moldmaking, testing and validation services. Since then, the team at Winther Mould has transitioned effortlessly into our global end-to-end solutions offer, adding complex, premium-quality tooling and moldmaking capacity for Pharma, Diagnostic and MedTech innovators.

Explore how Winther Mould customers and partners can advance their healthcare programs to turn imagination into realization.

Our Capabilities

We help global innovators in Pharma, Diagnostics and MedTech achieve greater speed-to-market with innovative high-precision, high-quality tooling. Explore our tooling solutions from initial design through prototype tooling and fully validated production molds.

Product Design and Development


World-class, high-precision tool design and builds support complex parts.



Early collaboration determines the most efficient and robust mold designs.

MGS Healthcare Manufacturing - Fast Track Tooling

Fast-Track Tooling

Pilot tooling concept mitigates risk to ensure success before investing in production tooling.

Testing & Validation

Test & Validation

Meet stringent regulatory requirements around the world without disrupting production.

Global Excellence in Engineering & Manufacturing

MGS is an innovative end-to-end healthcare engineering and manufacturing partner delivering upfront product design and development, best-in-class tooling, custom automation capabilities and manufacturing solutions. Explore our world-class capabilities and expertise below.

Product Design & Development

Technolution combines advanced technologies, deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to bring products to life.


Your partner of choice for the development of innovative, high-cavitation tooling, including engineering, design, mold construction, process simulation, sampling, and mold and part qualification.


In-house expertise in designing and building highly complex automation technologies for assembly, inspection, packaging, and robust multishot molding systems.


As a leading provider of innovative manufacturing solutions globally, our advanced plastics processing capabilities deliver proven and reliable quality and repeatability.

The MGS Advantage

Partnering with MGS’ global engineering and manufacturing teams has many benefits. Blending decades of expertise and vertically integrated solutions with unparalleled design, tooling and automation capabilities sets MGS apart. We are proud to be a collaborative and proven partner that serves as your single source from initial concept through final production.

Laser-focused on turning our customers’ most pressing challenges into innovations that improve lives, we support leading companies in accelerating their speed-to-market, mitigating risks, and reducing costs while ensuring the highest quality. We’re committed to delivering excellent customer experiences – no matter where in the world you’re located.

MGS Healthcare Manufacturing - Advantage

Driving Engineering and Manufacturing Efficiency Closer to You.

Customers have access to any of our 12 global manufacturing sites to develop and manufacture products closer to you and your consumers. Whether you need support in North America or Europe, you have access to the same expertise and quality you’ve come to expect from our global team.

Turning Imagination into Realization

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