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MGS’ Integrated Solutions Offer Brings Together Tooling, Molding and Equipment Businesses

Jan 8, 2019 | Press Releases

Integration of manufacturing processes leads to greater ROI for customers across markets.

GERMANTOWN, WI (January 8, 2019) – MGS, a recognized leader in tooling, molding and equipment technology, has announced the expansion of its integrated solutions offer. The offer combines innovations and expertise across all three areas of its business to drive greater return for customers.

As a proven single source of manufacturing expertise for customers in the healthcare, automotive, consumer and electronics markets, MGS has successfully delivered complex manufacturing solutions while streamlining the supply chain. By controlling more of the supply chain in-house, MGS can minimize risk, maximize resources and drive better customer performance and growth.

According to Paul Manley, MGS President, “Leveraging our collective competencies to create more value is a natural evolution for MGS. We began as a toolmaker in 1982, but were always determined to do more for our customers. Today, MGS is recognized as one of the industry’s largest global custom molders and a pioneer of multishot equipment technologies. These are augmented by other capabilities that when brought together, help customers more successfully launch new products, transfer challenging programs to us, and create integrated, turnkey solutions that drive customer success in extremely competitive markets.”

Leveraging its own technologies throughout the manufacturing process, the expanded offer focuses on applying knowledge and innovation from one area of the business to another. Beyond its specialized expertise in tooling, molding and multishot equipment, MGS also drives value for customers through its new product development capabilities and automation technologies. Dedicated account teams provide a highly responsive, single point of contact as well as market-specific knowledge and expertise. The result for customers is the ability to problem solve with greater ease, increase efficiency and agility, drive out unnecessary costs and improve speed-to-market.

“This offer is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that has been the hallmark of the company since its inception,” Manley said. “At MGS, we don’t just know your world, we live in it. Supporting each area of business in-house gives us the first-hand knowledge to not only exceed customer expectations, but to elevate industry standards. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven MGS since Day One, and continues to drive us today.”

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As a proven single-source of manufacturing expertise and accountability – in tooling, molding and equipment technology – MGS knows how to deliver custom, integrated solutions that drive business performance and growth. MGS controls more of the supply chain in-house, minimizing risk, maximizing resources and delivering better performance at every phase of every job. MGS has 1,800 employees at six manufacturing facilities around the world that help customers improve performance, productivity and ROI.

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