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MGS’ Expanded New Product Development Offer Brings Added Value to Customers

Jan 8, 2019 | Press Releases

Program helps customers achieve efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

GERMANTOWN, WI (January 15, 2019) – To meet a growing need for product development support, custom manufacturer MGS has expanded its new product development (NPD) and rapid tooling solutions to leverage its years of expertise in tooling and molding. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to help customers improve Design for Manufacturability (DFM) – resolving potential inefficiencies or challenges before a production tool is built.

The company’s NPD capabilities enable its team to get involved early in the customers’ product design process. Consulting with MGS in material selection, design, and prototype development, customers can avoid delays that arise from issues in both tooling development and molding. From design, to bridge or prototype tooling, to production tooling, customers that partner with MGS will be able to pre-engineer parts more efficiently to save time and resources throughout the entire manufacturing process.

“By leveraging capabilities and experience from our team early in the product development process, we can deliver the best tool designs and recommendations for our customers – right from the start,” said Paul Manley, president at MGS. “Doing so helps our customers shorten the NPD process upfront to create pre-production tooling that quickly transitions to production-ready tools.”

In addition to design and material selection, MGS leverages its additive manufacturing capabilities to develop early prototype tooling and 3-D printed parts. Once both the customer and the MGS team are satisfied with the prototype parts, the MGS team builds the proper bridge tool to support an interim period of production or the required high-quality production tooling.

“We’re excited to elevate our ability to partner with customers earlier to create a production-ready design that enables them to meet their speed-to-market needs,” said Kevin Klotz, senior project engineer at MGS. “Whether we’re improving design, eliminating time and resources needed to certify additional tools, or more quickly addressing sampling requirements, we’re helping our customers find a better way to manufacture their parts.”

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