Bespoke Automation Technologies Built to Your Standards

Our specialized custom solutions include assembly automation, testing and automated packaging systems in a broad range of formats to increase each customer’s unique ROI demands while marginalizing risk.


Cutting-Edge Solutions

Solutions range from a simple, semi-automatic benchtop work station to integrated press-side automation cells with fully autonomous downstream assembly/testing, offering independent and automated operations to produce a finished, packaged product.

Press Side

Operating our own equipment has given us the knowledge to deliver press and robot integration without requiring correspondence between the IMM manufacturer, robot manufacturer and automation provider.

Bench Top Cells

Ideal for parts and assemblies of nominal size and lower volume runs, bench top cells allow you to automate a process, eliminating expensive feeders and orientation devices, with little impact on manufacturing floor space.

Rotary & Linear Indexing Systems

Providing solutions for nearly every application, our rotary and linear indexing systems are cost-effective assembly solutions for volumes requiring speeds between 10-150 parts per minute (PPM).

Continuous Motion

Primarily designed for high-volume applications (150-500 PPM), these low-maintenance, all-servo based systems provide maximum flexibility in sequencing for mix indexing using electronic cams.

End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)

With fixed tooling designed for specific customer applications, our EOAT repeatable part-handling systems are designed for high-precision, tight-tolerance applications for all styles and brands of robotics.

In-House Solutions

With years of experience in Design for Manufacturability (DFM), we leverage our expertise to excel at:

Mechanical Engineering

Maximizing uptime and effectiveness through the deployment of nearly maintenance-free design, our robust solutions excel at serviceability.

Electrical Engineering

Utilizing state-of-the-art control hardware, our designs minimize control wiring to reduce connection points and ease troubleshooting.

Software Development

More intuitive and easier to use, our front-end software maximizes machine control, reporting and troubleshooting.

All automation equipment is Industry 4.0 (and Euromap 77 & 83) compliant while inherent design and fabrication standards are compliant to Class 8 cleanroom operations.

Single Source

Quality Control You Can Trust

As the single-most important function within any automated process, MGS takes quality seriously, investing in resource training and equipment to perform in-house feasibility studies before committing to process specifications.

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